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All About Roses: Rose as a Flower; Enjoying Roses; Rose as a Symbol
Yurii V. Ezepchuk
Moscow. Publishing House “Vladom” (edition license ЛП№063996 09.07.1999) – 2003, 162 pp., fig.

The book is a special issue containing artistic, historical and horticultural information about roses. It is shown that the successful designing and planting of a fine rose garden is an art, which, like all others, is rooted in basic principles and techniques. Great importance is focused on the planning of a rosary in your garden. Presented in the book are more than 200 colored photos of rose varieties from different classes which give an indication of the opportunities that rose amateurs need to create for themselves a rosary. A major part of the book deals with recommendations for planting and care of rose bushes. In the final chapter the reader can find many references in the culture and lives of people. Along with roses that occur frequently in paintings, architecture and music, fragments from Russian poetry devoted to roses as a symbol of love and beauty are given.


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